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  • Enterprise Asset Management

    02 November 2017
    Litmus Group, Member Firm (Australia)
    Enterprise Asset Management

    This Litmus Group white paper documents their best practice EAM model and explains how it can be used to drive better EAM outcomes for organisations.

  • Energy & Chemicals Capabilities Video

    20 September 2017
    Cordence Worldwide
    Energy & Chemicals Capabilities Video

    This video from Cordence Worldwide demonstrates member firm expertise and insight in the Energy & Chemicals industry.

  • Industry 4.0: Bringing the human-machine relationship to the next level

    24 March 2017
    Genex Partners, Member Firm (Japan)
    Industry 4.0: Bringing the human-machine relationship to the next level

    Learn more about how humans and machines interact in Industry 4.0 in this Cordence Worldwide Perspective written by Genex.

  • Energy 3.0: Managing Transition

    17 October 2016
    Cordence Worldwide
    Energy 3.0: Managing Transition

    In 2011 Cordence developed the thought leadership white paper Energy 3.0: An Industry in Transformation. This white paper - and others to follow in 2016 - builds on our extensive research and market observations on the utility industry's journey towards energy 3.0. We update our point of view on key aspects of the industry transformation foreshadowed in the original white paper.

  • After energy 3.0: The new Horizon

    15 January 2016
    Litmus Group, Member Firm (Australia)
    After energy 3.0: The new Horizon

    Litmus Group outlines how key industry trends will influence how industry players can prosper in an environment of rapid change.

  • energy 3.0: A Metering Perspective

    15 May 2014
    Litmus Group, Member Firm (Australia)
    energy 3.0: A Metering Perspective

    This paper summarises Litmus Group research throughout 2014 in order to provide industry with the latest global and local trends associated with the establishment, evolution and operation of a metering business.