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  • The Digital Odyssey of the Automotive Industry

    06 December 2017
    Cordence Worldwide
    The Digital Odyssey of the Automotive Industry

    In this Cordence Perspective, our member firms explain the role of digital and how manufacturers can succeed in the automotive industry.

  • Energy & Chemicals Capabilities Video

    20 September 2017
    Cordence Worldwide
    Energy & Chemicals Capabilities Video

    This video from Cordence Worldwide demonstrates member firm expertise and insight in the Energy & Chemicals industry.

  • CPG-Retail Capabilities Video

    24 July 2017
    Cordence Worldwide
    CPG-Retail Capabilities Video

    This video demonstrates the expansive capabilities of Cordence Worldwide member firms in the Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail industry.

  • Energy 3.0: Managing Transition

    17 October 2016
    Cordence Worldwide
    Energy 3.0: Managing Transition

    In 2011 Cordence developed the thought leadership white paper Energy 3.0: An Industry in Transformation. This white paper - and others to follow in 2016 - builds on our extensive research and market observations on the utility industry's journey towards energy 3.0. We update our point of view on key aspects of the industry transformation foreshadowed in the original white paper.

  • Contractor Management

    15 March 2016
    Cordence Worldwide
    Contractor Management

    This Cordence Perspective digs into the significance of managing the performance of external contractors and approaches for success.