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  • Strategic Power to Implement

    25 November 2019
    Horváth & Partners, Member Firm (Germany)

    Companies that have the power to implement are able to meet their customers’ needs more successfully than the competition – or provide them with what they need at lower cost. To be better, all of an organization’s strengths must work together, specifically targeting the right strategic objectives. Often, this requires the entire company to undergo transformation.

    Being better means being ahead of the competition in selected areas – and not just pulling level or even settling for less good performance. There are many areas in which organizations can be better, including quality, trustworthiness, flexibility, service, reliability, professionalism, likeability, and credibility. Given that it is not possible to be ahead of the competition in all competition-relevant areas, the selection of specific areas in which to be better takes on strategic importance, to avoid the risk of companies spreading themselves too thin and having an unclear profile.

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