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  • Mission: Safety

    08 November 2019
    Horváth & Partners, Member Firm (Germany)

    Safety is a megatrend – and DEKRA’s mission is a world without accidents. This expert organization wants to become the global partner for a safe world, and is in the process of implementing a future-oriented transformation in the context of its Vision 2025 program.

    Did you know that around 1.2 million people worldwide die each year in traffic accidents? And that 860,000 people have accidents at work every day? And that in the German-speaking world alone, there are more than 10,000 fatal accidents at home each year? Despite these terrifying figures, in some ways the world today is safer than ever. Testing company DEKRA makes an important contribution to this, serving a basic human need in doing so. There continues to be significant demand for safety, including and especially in the context of technological change and global economic interaction.

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