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  • If You're Doing Digital Without AI, You're Doing It Wrong

    18 July 2019
    North Highland, Member Firm (US and UK)

    There are probably no two topics more convoluted to business leaders right now than “digital transformation” and “AI.” Both are broad, require ventures into the unknown, significant investments of time and money, and a lot of visibility and pressure from the executives. The stakes feel high, and the pace at which business leaders feel pressured to execute these transformations outstrips available resources.

    Interestingly, in our conversations and work with clients, we’ve observed a concerning trend where clients perceive “digital” as separate from artificial intelligence (AI), and put the digital transformation ahead of thinking through an AI strategy. The majority of digital transformations are focused on improving the mobile experience, moving toward more self-serve, and reducing call center support and costs. There’s also the catch-all need to become more “agile” or “responsive.” All of these goals are worthy of pursuit, but the focus is too narrow, and that stunts the opportunity for growth.

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