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  • How to Keep Innovation Consistent for a New Business Model

    29 March 2019
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    Recently in the new retail salon event by S. POINT and MBA Innovation & Business Venture League of Fudan University, Georgia Guo, founder of S. POINT retail and service lab, put forward some pragmatic issues regarding the execution on landing innovation projects for the retail industry.

    As the “new retail” topic became so popular in China, we wonder what innovation consulting can do to help. As innovation consultants, we are not good at talking in big concepts such as “retail business model” or “customer traffic” - what we excel in is digging into experience details of users from our ongoing projects with clients. A lesson learned, we experienced a process of removing the over-layered details. It's always easy to identify a new business model, but it's never that easy to implement on the details you've ideated.

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