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  • People Still Come First in a Data-Driven Business

    14 March 2019
    Valcon, Member Firm (Denmark)

    You also know that there is a gold mine of data just waiting to be mined throughout the organisation. You probably also know that it is important to get the people on board with these new ways of working. But do you know HOW? This is where it begins to become really challenging to most people, but maybe it does not have to be so complicated or painful to realise the value of your data.

    I would claim that the primary challenge as an executive is to realise that a successful, data-driven business model is a balancing act. Focus on data insight should be constantly balanced with the ability to implement change. In other words, people management skills such as change leadership capabilities and empathy are just as necessary for a successful data-driven business model as the right systems and technical competences.

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