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  • The Great Indian Gastro-Economy: Succeeding in India with Investments in the Food Industry

    24 October 2018
    Avalon Consulting, Member Firm (India)

    Food has changed and so has the way we consume it. The fruit we eat at breakfast could have been grown on another continent, cooking food could mean only mixing and processing the
    ingredients of a packet, or simply warming an already cooked packet of our favorite meal.

    The food industry has opened up an entire spectrum of possibilities from how food is grown, to
    how it is sourced, processed, packaged and served. Genetic engineering has made it possible to improve crop yield, even create pest-resistant strains of food. Robotic machines can reap and
    process crop produce several times faster than the manual process. Food packaging has made it possible to preserve and transport food to far-off destinations. There are farms growing food on vertical walls to optimize space.

    The food and agri-business in India is ripe for such innovation in product development, technology integration and process excellence. Half of India's land is arable as compared to the global average of a tenth. A huge agricultural base coupled with one of the world's largest populations of employable human capital, makes India, the sixth largest economy in the world, an investors' haven.

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