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  • From Insights to Products - Make Innovation Realization

    26 December 2016
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    No. 1000, Changping Road, Shanghai. This is a five-story red building hidden behind green trees. This is the Shanghai HQ of S.POINT. Our founder Zhou Yi and many old colleagues have witnessed the transformation of the design industry in here. S.POINT is not the original name. In 1997 when the company was established, the name was Shanghai Zhinan Industrial Company. We were known for design in the industry.

    From design to innovation, the change is more about name or business

    In the nearly 20 years since our inception, each change or disruption has been a brave experiment in new business model to adapt to market trends. Starting from industrial design, we expanded to innovation consulting, capacity building, and innovative production. We’ve gradually established a competitive closed business loop. From insights to products, innovation materialized. This is our slogan now, representing our effort towards innovation and disruption...

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