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  • How did Design Change the Life of Mother-to-be in China

    16 December 2016
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    A famous international electronic  company, wants to enter China's maternal market. But it met no small resistance. Although women have a lot in common in the matter of procreation, the maternal markets in China and Europe differ. In the Chinese market that this brand desires to enter, procreation is not a thing involving one person, but the priority of a family or even a clan during a certain period of time.

    "What about the baby's position? Is it good?" "I lined up in the hospital for more than two hours. When it's finally my turn, the inquiry time is only a few minutes." "Do I need food nourishment? What should I eat?" Chinese expectant mothers are always asking all kinds of questions. It seems there isn't a fixed and comprehensive channel that provides them with information and accompanies them through the most special time of their lives.

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