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  • Let's Talk about Product Concept Innovation from an Easy-use Pot

    26 November 2016
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    According to S.POINT, design is not equal to ideation. Design is about invention based on in-depth insights of the end users.

    A true innovation (be it about physical/digital products/services) is not possible by any single solution. In its narrow sense, design used to be limited to the third question, i.e., the format, appearance, and color. In this case, design has been equal to aesthetics. Well, aesthetics has its own sense of logic, and designers have lots of troubles with various tastes. However, energy consumed by aesthetics doesn’t really help a lot with impact on the end users. We believe we must look at the second question: What’s the user demand? We have to know how to satisfy user demand. This is about product concept, which in turn marks the difference between product manager and designer.

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