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  • How to Design a Good Story?

    01 November 2016
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    Each Industry Is Seeking Those Good at Storytelling

    Storytelling has become a tool for brand name innovation. The trend is even more conspicuous in consumer goods. In a time when consumers demand more and better, it is not sufficient to provide functioning goods (practical, offering the experience, and meeting certain specifications); now we have to pursue differentiated brand name experience. In other words, functional brand names have to evolve and become perceptive ones. Such trends are happening in all areas from restaurants to daily use items.

    The 10 trillion consumers concept of several years ago has gone. Now the business maneuver is about narrow focus, circles, and segments. To tell a good story about a brand name is to offer differentiated experience to the consumers. The story told by Airbnb is to offer you living exploration all over the world. Through website UI, commercials and marketing, Airbnb is conveying the message of home everywhere. It is no surprise that Airbnb founders are from designer backgrounds – thus they think this way.

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