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  • What It is Like Having All the Tasty Shops Near Around Each Other

    09 September 2016
    S.Point, Member Firm (China)

    All the Most Stylish Shops in Shanghai to Converge in the Same Place – What A Fun Experience!

    Shanghai is a city that never fails to delight. The city is immersed in its unique cultural elegance and style. You may well feel such cultural fineness from the urban textures, just by meandering along the Julu, Changle, and Sinan roads, where distinct small shops converge. By “small,” I don’t mean the size, but the attention to small details.

    The shops hold the secret to the vitality and cultural style of the city. Now there comes an opportunity to experience all the distinct shops in a single place. Starting from 5 September and lasting for three months, KAKA Pop-up store will take place at 1788 Plaza to gather the distinct shops. Such innovative retail model has been popular in London and New York for a while, helping emerging brand names quickly garner fans and build up goodwill. Even big brand names come to such pop-up store activities to refresh themselves. Thanks to pop-up store activities, previously lukewarm business spaces have become popular again. It is the belief of S.LAB that pop-up store has the potential to be a good carrier of flowing innovative ideas. It injects vitality into urban space. Now urban dwellers feeling dull with monotonous lives get to discover the new and have fun. Therefore, S.LAB works together with to launch the KAKA pop-up store, while leveraging its strength in experience design...

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