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  • A Brief Introduction to Futures

    21 March 2016
    North Highland, Member Firm (US and UK)

    Imagining plausible scenarios leads to better decisions.

    Futures is not about prediction. It’s about forecasting and imagining multiple plausible scenarios and narratives so as to highlight unarticulated or unthought societal motives, challenges and opportunities in order to make better decisions today.

    Futures can offer unique insights to help create better products.

    Many successful businesses such as Ford and Intel have corporate futurists whose task is to scan the environment and develop unique insights that designers and product development teams use to create better products and experiences.

    Futures capabilities improve an organization’s resilience against unpredictable events.

    “Black swan” events (outlier events) are perceived to be low in probability, yet have immense consequences. They are unpredictable by nature. A useful way to think about futures is improving resilience against such events.

    Visions are communicated as human experiences.

    Visions of the future are best communicated as human experiences with changing values embedded in them. These experiences are brought to life not only as words, but as images, storyboards, enactments, performances and objects to improve empathy and understanding.

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