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  • After energy 3.0: The new Horizon

    15 January 2016
    Litmus Group, Member Firm (Australia)

    It is well recognised by all stakeholders that the electricity industry must evolve from its reliance on fossil fuel towards technology-based solutions to grid power. The development of the smart grid is vital to achieving goals for energy security, economic development and climate change mitigation. Smart grids enable increased demand response and energy efficiency, integration of variable renewable energy resources, while reducing peak demand and stabilising the electricity system.

    All the evidence shows that the transformation of the industry is rapidly moving to a 3.0-style environment. We are seeing transformation of the grid to a full digital system, although progress is uneven across the globe. Companies face tough choices on the timing of investments, the markets they wish to participate in and the value propositions they offer their customers.

    The energy 3.0 environment will be characterised by two types of players: the traditional utility company and the new agile entrants. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits all solution for success. The variables of free market forces, different regulatory environments and different technologies will require diverse operating models and cultures.

    The move to an energy 3.0 environment will provide massive opportunities for those who are prepared to embrace the future. For those who aren’t, alternative strategies must be adopted should they wish to remain in the traditional utility domain. For utility leadership teams, resolving these big questions will determine their position in the industry’s future state.

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