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  • A Watchful Eye on Currency Risks

    15 December 2015
    Horváth & Partners, Member Firm (Germany)

    Generating meaningful reports tailored to the standing management guidelines and decision-making needs of executives presents a much-debated challenge in any organisation. Treasurers in particular feel this challenge, with their roles increasingly shifting towards becoming advisers to their CFOs. One of the most pressing areas for treasurers lies in supplying their CFOs with substantial, yet concise, information on demand. Evidence from recent years shows a clear trend in best practice, away from lengthy detailed reports towards purposebuilt dashboards – making increasing use of real-time information based on new technologies. Clients confirm that, increasingly, they want to use their smartphones and tablets to keep a check on their organisation’s financial status and its risk reports. Currency risk management lends itself perfectly as an illustration of the information CFOs really require in their reports. Four recurring questions prove to be essential in practice. Benjamin Koch and Achim Kreuzer present them.

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