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  • Technology Enabled Transformation

    15 March 2013
    Litmus Group, Member Firm (Australia)

    Every year companies embark on large, capital intensive IT projects in pursuit of increased performance, sustainable cost savings, better decision making, increased revenues or greater business returns from core assets.

    Successful delivery of these technology driven business solutions typically requires the undertaking of large and complex programs of work to build, rollout and embed new processes and systems, often across the whole organisation. These programs may span multiple years and exist within often diverse stakeholder groups with conflicting priorities.

    What is generally not made public is how poorly most of these major investments tend to perform. Over the past two decades studies have shown that over half of such programs are deemed to be unsuccessful – either coming in late, over budget, or with reduced functionality.

    This paper outlines an integrated approach designed for complex environments where business transformation is enabled through the implementation of a commercially available business software application.

    We call it Technology Enabled Transformation.

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