Global Centers of Excellence

Cordence Worldwide's Global Centers of Excellence are member firm divisions that develop tailored solutions to complex strategic, operational, and regulatory client challenges. 

Made up of some of the world’s most experienced practitioners in a variety of industries and functional areas, these working groups collaborate to deliver future-focused models and provide training on industry best practices for the benefit of clients all over the world.

  • The Lean Factory School® by Bonfiglioli Consulting is a simulative training experience in Lean Thinking. Adhering to the phrase "learning by doing,” the Lean Factory School® combines both theoretical and practical application.

  • Six Sigma Implementation by Genex Partners offers Six Sigma training, implementation, and management system installation. This methodology is data-driven and aims to reduce process variation in order to deliver consistent and streamlined results.

  • The  Steering Lab by Horváth & Partners provides a space where quantitative business modelers work with clients to filter and analyze relevant business information from Big Data. This evaluation allows companies to model and make more strategic decisions.
  • The  Social Insights Lab by North Highland is a social media center that allows brands to collect and analyze real-time consumer feedback in order to make predictions, drive customer engagement, and work towards improving overall business health.
  • The S.LAB Innovation Center by S.POINT is a creative design lab in which S.POINT innovators and clients develop human-centered and forward-looking product designs and marketing strategies.

    Functional Expertise

    • Strategy Execution
    • CFO Services
    • Human Capital
    • Information Technology
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Research & Development Centers
    • Lean Thinking
    • Production & Distribution
    • Shared Services

    Industry Expertise

    • Automotive & Industrial Goods
    • Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail
    • Energy & Chemicals
    • Financial Services
    • Life Sciences
    • Media, Telecom, Hospitality & Entertainment
    • Public Services
    • Travel & Transport
    • Utilities